Friday, June 26, 2009

Meiji Shrine - Meiji Jinguu (明治神宮)


One of the last things I did in Tokyo and in Japan was visit Meiji Shrine and the emperor's garden.

Tokyo was getting boring to me by this point. I like the city life and all but I feel like there are two sides of Japan shopping and cultural attractions that also have shopping. It might be like this everywhere but anyways...

Going to Meiji Shrine was a really nice change of pace. Being there felt like I wasn't in the city at all but in a different place. I could not see many skyscrapers or hear cars. I went on a rainy day so everything was wet but felt refreshing. Being at the shrine felt like every other shrine I went to in Osaka and Kyoto but it was still nice because it belonged to the emperor.

(A wooden torii)

(I found one skyscraper in the distance.)

I also went into the emperor's garden. There is a famous flower that blooms only when it rains but it didn't bloom when we went. Not many things were blooming because we went too early in the season.

(nani nani's well...)

In the garden there was this pond with huge koi fish. My boyfriend manage to summon them with an interesting hand trick.

(If he could...I think he would love to catch one and eat it.)

Although the gardens were nice. It would have been nice if we went during the blooming season or during fall. I probably need to go back there again someday.

(random house that we could not go inside of)

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