Saturday, July 4, 2009

to remember - omoidasu (思い出す)

It's really sad. Life has come back to normal and it feels like I was not in Japan at all but sometimes I have sudden longing to go back there.

Thanks to studying abroad. I have the travel bug. I want to visit, travel, and live in a few countries now. Places I know for sure I'm going to in the future are France, Bangladesh, Canada, and Cambodia. So I definitely want to blog all my experiences for my family and friends to see.

I also want to pick up learning a few more languages too. Just to learn a little bit of everything.

Thanks to everyone who read my blog and followed me through my journey in Japan.

Now it is time for me to reflect on my experiences and some words of wisdom I want to share. It may take me awhile to write everything.


Anonymous said...

Hi! :D

I have a few questions since I will be going to Kansai Gaidai in the spring. Sorry for the soon-to-be long post!

Did you have any knowledge of Japanese before you went to Japan? I've never take any Japanese classes (even though I want to sooo badly but my college doesn't offer it -sigh-) and I only know simple simple phrases such as greetings. I'm worried about going to Japan and being surrounded by a language that I can't even understand. Do you suggest I teach myself everyday conversations before I go? Or just go with the flow and learn a step at a time?

Also, do you mind telling me more about your home stay experience? Did your family speak any English? Were the parents strict or did they pretty much let you do whatever?

AND. Last question, I promise. How were the classes like? Challenging? How much were you able to approve your Japanese after your semester in Kansai Gaidai?

Whew. I'm done. =]

Bevers said...

Hello. Sorry for the very late response. Well, I studied Japanese one my own on and off for five years. There are a lot of gaps in my Japanese. I understand Japanese a lot better than speaking it.

The Japanese professors at Kansai Gaidai (or the ones I had) gave amazing instruction so. You'll learn many useful things. If you have the energy teach yourself, if you don't you'll be fine. Everything sinks in after being in the country for awhile.

My host family was a young family. My host mother and father were in the late 30s with one child. If you read my blog, I had it very easy because my host mom was an English teacher. I did have some language problems but it wasn't as bad. My host parents treated me like an adult. I had to abide by their schedule because I was under their care and they had a young son. I could go out but I try not to do that very often because I wanted to bond with my host family.

Classes at Kansai are aimed for Japanese students going to study abroad at English speaking Universities. So...they are very easy. I found my Japanese classes were a bit more demanding.

Have I improved my Japanese? I am no where near fluent but I know now what I need to study more in order to improve.

I hope this helps. Sorry for the delay! Good luck at Kansai.