Saturday, August 1, 2009

Regretable - zannen na (残念な)

Sorry everyone for the lackluster updates. It's the summer and my brain has been reduced to mush because of all the free time I have on my hands. I can't wait to start school.

So for this post, I want to tell everyone all the things I wished I was I did in Japan and my regrets. Maybe this will be some help to some people going abroad.

I wish that I...
-went clubbing in Osaka
-went to Mount Fuji
-went to Himeji
-wore a kimono
-bought a used kimono in Kyoto
-went to the mixers Prof. Garr Reynolds advertised
-made a Japanese business card (
-attended a summer matsuri
-played with my host brother more
-studied Japanese harder
-talked to my host father more
-went to a pachinko parlor
-bought American movies dubbed in Japanese
-had room in my suitcases for more Chu-hi
-stayed in a hostel
-bought a Japanese board game
-took more pictures of Kansai Gaidai and my Japanese friends

Things I never regretted...
-going to Japan
-staying with a host family
-writing a blog about my experiences
-doing video skits with my Japanese research paper on dialects
-my video Japanese skit project complete with subtitles in Japanese and English translation
-being an awkward human being with toddler-like Japanese language abilities
-collected ticket stubs for my Japan scrap book (posting pictures later)
-joining study group for Political Economies of East Asia
-study group karaoke and kaiten sushi
-hanami at arashiyama
-learning how to ski with my host family in Hyogo
-eating raw fish (I miss it!)
-paying $40 to ship apples to apples from America to Japan
-going to Kyoto and buying a Yukata:)
-not caring about money and having a great time in Japan
-spending time at home with my host family watching TV at the kotatsu

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